What is the LVT?

The LVT is a web analytical tool that integrates into your website and allows you to track aggregate statistics as well as individual visitor information.

How does the LVT work?

All you need to do is add a simple snippet to your website, from there we do all the work.

Is the LVT easy to install?

Yes, the LVT is easy to install, but can be more complicated with the installation of advance features, learn more about installation.

Advantage's Over Other Analytic Tools

  • Real Time Data
  • Mailing list management with tracking
  • Visitor Profiling
  • Individual Visitor Path Data

In Depth Web Analytics

What is the LVT?

The LVT is an analytical tool for business research and market research. While most analytical tools focus on measuring website traffic the LVT focuses on understanding who that traffic is through customer profiling.

The LVT tracks the exact path that as a visitor navigates through your website in real time. Important, detailed, visitor information can be extracted from the site visitor and used to make intelligent marketing decisions. Every visitor can be profiled based on their path and other variables. The profiling allows LVT clients to determine the quality of visitors, and possibly adapt their business and/or marketing accordingly.